Chapter 20: Don’t Take Advantage of Me

T/N: So I’ve been considering changing the names of the weapons and such to English names so it sounds better when reading (because “Chi Xiao Sword” sounds a bit funny when reading) and so people understand the significance of the weapons better, since their names speak a lot about them (like the prop introduced this chapter, Night Devil Blood Mirror 夜魔血镜 )!

Here are the name changes:

  • Chi Xiao Sword 赤霄剑 -> Scarlet Firmament Sword
  • Jiu Qiao Fu Long Whip 九巧伏龙鞭 (Zhang Xiao Qi’s weapon) -> Nine Agile Encroaching Dragons Whip

Please answer the poll at the bottom after reading the chapter to get a feel for how it sounds, or comment what you think. If you would prefer the pinyin (romanized Chinese) names, or have other suggestions for better translating their names (esp for the whip), do tell me! I’ll change the names in the rest of the chapters after I get enough responses.

Edit: Votes are currently 13-11 for Chinese romanization as of May 26. I’ll changing everything back to Chinese romanization.

Chapter 20: 别耍流氓啊 Don’t Take Advantage of Me

“What are you guys doing here?” At this time, the fat boss walked in, smiling.

Luo Qian Qi looked at the fat boss and scolded, “What did you come here for?”

The fat boss smiled, “It’s already dark outside; I saw that no one came to send me dinner, so I went out for a walk!”

The fat boss had just finished his words when he noticed the unconscious Li Shi on the ground, as well as the bright vermilion heart in Li Yan Xin’s hand.

The fat boss looked at Li Shi on the ground and the heart in Li Yan Xin’s hand and was scared silly, unable to come back to his senses for a long time.

Li Yan Xin looked at the fat boss and revealed a strange smile, then opened her mouth and swallowed down the heart in her hand.

The fat boss immediately was unable to resist bending over and with a “bleurgh” began to vomit.

Li Yan Xin laughed mischievously, then fled.

I saw Li Yan Xin fleeing and prepared to chase after her, only to be pulled back by Luo Qian Qi.

I looked at Luo Qian Qi and said indignantly, “What are you doing, if she gets away a lot of people will die, you know?”

Luo Qian Qi looked at me and said calmly, “I know; you stay here, I will chase!”

With that, Luo Qian Qi ran off in the direction which Li Yan Xin left, and just when I was about to chase after the fat boss pulled me back.

The fat boss looked at me and smiled mischievously, “Don’t leave; if you leave who will protect me!”

I looked at the fat boss and harrumphed coldly, “Follow me!”

At that I left Li Yan Xin’s room, then turned and headed for the ancestral hall.

Once I left the fat boss followed behind me.

The fat boss looked at the stone statue at the shrine inside the ancestral hall and said to me, “I never thought that Thousand Jade Hall worshipped assassin deity Bai Qi!”

I looked at the fat boss and said unhappily, “Then who did you think they would worship, you?”

The fat boss laughed and waved his hand, “No, no, I didn’t mean it that way!”

I pointed at a chair on the side and said to the fat boss, “You just listen to me and obediently sit here. Don’t wander around, or else if something happens don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

The fat boss chuckled before obediently sitting down on the chair on the side, while I sat on the offering table.

The fat boss looked at me and smiled, “Miss, the offering table is for worshiping Bai Qi; sitting up there is probably not appropriate!”

I looked at the fat boss and said unhappily, “What do you care, I’m not sitting on your offering table!”

The fat boss laughed nervously before obediently shutting his mouth and did not say another word.

This evening was exceptionally quiet; there was not even a sound from outside. As the moon and stars in the sky were covered by clouds, the expansive ancestral hall was only illuminated by a bit of candlelight.

“Why is it so quiet, I can’t even hear a crow cawing,” the fat boss asked, and I could hear his teeth chattering as he spoke.

I also felt that the silence this evening was not normal; there must be a very powerful force nearby controlling this area.

Could the person controlling this area be Li Yan Xin? Then how is Luo Qian Qi right now?

I did not reply to the fat boss’s words, and brought out a small square mirror.

This mirror’s name was Night Devil Blood Mirror, made from the flesh of living people, in the mirror you could see the events you wanted to see, and it also had high attack power.

The Night Devil Blood Mirror was small but not that small, about the size of a baby’s palm. Its rim was of silver, and a few diamonds were embedded on top.

The fat boss looked at the mirror in my hand with greed-filled eyes.

I looked at him and harrumphed coldly, and recited a spell before the mirror flew out of my hand and stood upright in the middle of the ancestral hall, continually growing in size.

The fat boss said in astonishment, “The mirror is getting bigger, the mirror is getting bigger!”

“So noisy, be quiet!” I looked at the fat boss and said, irritated.

The fat boss gave me a look filled with grievances, then obediently closed his mouth.

Very quickly in the middle of the mirror appeared the area surrounding Thousand Jade Hall.

I searched the area for a while yet could not find a trace of Luo Qian Qi, but I was able to see Li Yan Xin’s figure.

Li Yan Xin at this very moment was on the roof of the ancestral hall!

“She, she’s up there!” the fat boss cried out.

I gave the fat boss a blank stare and said unhappily, “I saw, I’m not blind!”

I returned the Night Devil Blood Mirror to my hand, immediately following which Li Yan Xin got down from the roof and arrived at the ancestral hall.

I looked at Li Yan Xin and smiled, “You came!”

Li Yan Xin looked at me and laughed coldly, “Zhang Xiao Qi, I really want to see, without Brother Qian Qi’s protection, what are you capable of?”

I laughed towards Li Yan Xin, “Li Yan Xin, do you even have a brain? Let me tell you, we are in the ancestral hall right now, assassin deity Bai Qi is here, do you really think you can do anything?”

Li Yan Xin heard my words and acted like she had heard the biggest joke on earth, laughing out, “Assassin deity Bai Qi, right now he is merely a statue, do you really think he can appear and save you guys? And you better not forget, you are also a ghost; even if assassin deity Bai Qi appeared, you would still die!”

I looked at Li Yan Xin and laughed coldly, not saying a word. The fat boss standing to the side heard Li Yan Xin say that I was also a ghost and was scared silly.

The fat boss pointed at me, stuttering, “You, you, you are also a ghost!”

I laughed mischievously, “That’s right, what, you afraid?”

The fat boss squeaked in surprise for quite a while and was unable to form a single word.

Li Yan Xin looked at me and laughed coldly, then raised her hand and clawed towards me.

I flipped over once and leapt from the offering table, then kicked Li Yan Xin in the pit of her stomach. Li Yan Xin was kicked until she continually backed up.

Finally when Li Yan Xin slammed into a table she regained her footsteps.


Li Yan Xin fiercely glared at me, yelling out before raising her hand again and clawing at me.

I harrumphed coldly, then threw the Night Devil Blood Mirror in my hand towards Li Yan Xin.

Upon contact Li Yan Xin the Night Devil Blood Mirror transformed into a multi-faceted mirror, trapping Li Yan Xin in the middle.

I laughed at Li Yan Xin trapped in the Night Devil Blood Mirror, “Li Yan Xin, look carefully at your ugly face!”

Li Yan Xin screeched, saying, “Who are you guys, what are you eight uglies trying to do surrounding me like this, move out of the way!”

I sighed, “Your appearance is very beautiful, but your heart is ugly. Appearance mirrors the heart; let go of the hatred in your heart!”

“No, it can’t be, this is just your distortion magic, Zhang Xiao Qi, take these damned mirrors away, how can I look like this!” Li Yan Xin shrieked into the mirrors surrounding her.

I laughed coldly, “This is not my magic, put a hand over your heart and think, you killed your own father, you already are unable to wash off your wrongdoing, wake up, don’t run away from reality anymore!”

“No, you’re lying!” Li Yan Xin screamed. “How could I kill my own father, out of all the people in the world he is the one that treats me the best, even if I killed all of you guys, I would never even touch him!”

Li Yan Xin stopped for a moment, then yelled angrily, “It was you, it must have been you, Zhang Xiao Qi, you killed my dad!”

I laughed coldly, “You put your hand over your heart, then quietly ask yourself, where did your father go!”

“Waaaaa~ why, why~”

Not too long after, from within the Night Devil Blood mirror came Li Yan Xin’s wails.

But I didn’t immediately withdraw the mirror, because Luo Qian Qi suddenly came in carrying his sword.

I saw that Luo Qian Qi’s body was covered in wounds. Those wounds continually bled and seeped through his clothes, and the corner of his mouth had a bloodstain.

I walked to Luo Qian Qi and supported his side, “Luo Qian Qi, you okay?”

Luo Qian Qi smiled at me and nodded, “Relax, I’m fine!”

I nodded, then he asked me, “Where’s Li Yan Xin?”

I directed my gaze towards the center of the Night Devil Blood Mirror and said, “She’s inside!”

Luo Qian Qi nodded, then with my help walked to a chair in the ancestral hall and sat down.

I looked at the wounds on Luo Qian Qi, “Luo Qian Qi, how did you get so many wounds?”

Luo Qian Qi smiled and did not say a word.

I “tch”-ed and did not ask again.

Then Luo Qian Qi said, “Outside someone died again!”

I froze, then asked, “Who died?”

Luo Qian Qi said, “It was that delivery guy who was taken away by the police!”

Hearing this, the fat boss said in shock, “You said Xiao Peng died?”

Luo Qian Qi nodded. I asked, “Killed by Li Yan Xin?”

Luo Qian Qi nodded and didn’t say anything further.

“Waa~ waa, waa~ waa!”

Inside the mirror, Li Yan Xin sobbed unceasingly. In the end we saw Li Yan Xin in the Night Devil Blood Mirror disintegrate into a thin green wisp, then finally disappear in the Night Devil Blood Mirror.

“She let go of her revenge!” I watched Li Yan Xin disappear in the Night Devil Blood Mirror and smiled.

Luo Qian Qi nodded, “She thought it through clearly, and let it go!”

After Li Yan Xin completely disappeared, I withdrew the Night Devil Blood Mirror.

Outside, the birds called; it was already early morning, two o’clock.

I yawned, “It’s getting pretty late, I will go back first to rest!”

At that I left the ancestral hall. After I left Luo Qian Qi arranged for a Thousand Jade Hall disciple to send the fat boss back to the guest room to rest, and allowed the fat boss to leave Thousand Jade Hall tomorrow morning.

The fat boss saw that the matter was resolved, so he promptly agreed to leave Thousand Jade Hall at first light.

Immediately after Luo Qian Qi arranged another disciple to retrieve Li Shi’s body, and tomorrow morning he would handle Li Shi’s funeral arrangements!

The fat boss followed the Thousand Jade Hall disciple and left. Luo Qian Qi again gave Bai Qi three incense sticks in the ancestral hall, then returned to his room.

I lay on the bed, then looked at Luo Qian Qi and asked, “Everything settled?”

Luo Qian Qi nodded, then walked to the bed and sat down.

I got off the bed and smiled at Luo Qian Qi, “Luo Qian Qi, since you have so many wounds, today I will graciously let you take the bed!”

Luo Qian Qi looked at me and laughed, “Then I’ll have to bother the Shopkeeper to help me apply medicine!”

I froze, “I still have to do something so tiring?”

Luo Qian Qi turned to sit on the bed, his face full of smiles as he watched me.

I muttered to myself a bit, then from the cabinet retrieved the medicine box and walked over to the bed.

I put the medicine box on the bed, then said, “Take off your clothes!”

Luo Qian Qi looked at me and smiled, “Xiao Qi, my hand is wounded, I can’t move!”

I gave Luo Qian Qi a cold stare, then said unhappily, “ I remember just before you seemed to have been carrying your sword into the ancestral hall! You can even lift a sword, but you can’t take off your own clothes?”

Luo Qian Qi froze for a moment, then he looked at me and smiled, “How did you know I was carrying my sword walking into the ancestral hall; so you paid that much attention to me!”

I “tch”-ed disdainfully, “Say, how can you be so narcissistic, I was paying attention to your sword, not you. If anyone knew that the sword in your hand was the ranked third of the ten famous swords Chi Xiao Sword, no matter the person, they would be unable to resist taking a few looks!”

Luo Qian Qi laughed, “Then how about I give Chi Xiao Sword to you?”

I stared blankly, then said, “Thank you, but I don’t need it; better that you keep it!”

“Don’t change the subject, take off your clothes already, or else I won’t be keeping you company any longer!” I looked at Luo Qian Qi and said unhappily.

Luo Qian Qi looked at me and chuckled, then unhurriedly began to take off his clothing.

Did I mention, Luo Qian Qi’s figure was abnormally good; had the ideal eight-pack.

I took out a cotton swab and moistened it with iodine solution and prepared to sterilize his wound.

Luo Qian Qi looked at me and smiled, “Xiao Qi, right now I am injured, you must hold yourself back from taking advantage of me!”

I stared at Luo Qian Qi coldly, then pressed down hard on the wound being sterilized.

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