Chapter 16: What the People Do, the Heavens See

T/N: We finally find out what exactly happened to Fu Yu Yan, and why she wants revenge so badly.

Chapter 16: 人在做天在看 What the People Do, the Heavens See

“Giggle giggle giggle!”

The more afraid Wan Tong Guang was, the more gleeful the ghost baby’s laughter was.

Wan Tong Guang’s parents were already scared silly as they hid to the side, afraid to get close to Wan Tong Guang, and even more afraid to get close to the ghost baby.

Wan Tong Guang begged Yang Sheng, “Great Master Yang, hurry and rescue me, Great Master Yang!”

Yang Sheng was already held down by Fu Yu Yan and was unable to free himself, and Wan Tong Guang’s call only made him even more distracted.


Just when Yang Sheng was distracted, his shoulder had already been clawed out by Fu Yu Yan, leaving a large hole, the fresh blood already seeping through his clothes.

Yang Sheng pulled Fu Yu Yan off himself, glaring icily at Fu Yu Yan and yelling, “I’ve already given you a chance, you’re the one courting death!”

With that, Yang Sheng grasped a scroll [T/N: it’s actually法诀, which means the essence of a skill, but that doesn’t really make any sense in context…] in his hand, his feet performing the footwork of Yu the Great1, and shortly after, one could see a spell forming beneath his foot.

Fu Yu Yan froze, while the spell beneath Yang Sheng’s feet grew larger and larger, eventually spreading to Fu Yu Yan’s feet.

When Fu Yu Yan’s feet touched the spell, her two feet started to give off black smoke.


Fu Yu Yan called out in distress, slowly backing up. It was clear that the spell had dealt her a lot of damage.

Fu Yu Yan ran haphazardly about the living room, while Yang Sheng’s spell gradually encroached.

On the surface, it seemed like Yang Sheng had the upper hand, but his spell was very energy inefficient, and very quickly his entire forehead was covered in a layer of sweat.

At the kitchen, the chaotically fleeing Fu Yu Yan suddenly stopped at her original spot and couldn’t move any further. This made Yang Sheng very happy.

Yang Sheng urged the spell to attack Fu Yu Yan. Just when Yang Sheng was about to hit Fu Yu Yan, he realized that he himself was also unable to move.


Just when Yang Sheng was starting to wonder what was going on, the left side of his face suffered a slap.

Yang Sheng stared blankly, then realized there was someone else in the room, and that person’s ability was higher than his.


Another slap, the veins on Yang Sheng’s eyes were already visible in his anger.


Yang Shen felt his chest being heavily punched, and sounded a muffled grunt before he was sent flying.

Lying on the ground, Yang Sheng found that he had regained mobility, when he raised his head, he saw two pairs of feet standing ten centimeters away from him.

Yang Sheng raised his head and, upon seeing those two faces clearly, realized those two people were Luo Qian Qi and I.

Yang Sheng quickly stood up with a “whoosh,” pointing at Luo Qian Qi and yelling, “It was definitely you two making mischief, am I right?”

When Wan Tong Guang, Wan Fu Ming and the others saw Luo Qian Qi and I, they too froze in place.

I slapped away Yang Sheng’s hand, chuckling, “Don’t go pointing at me, or else I’m afraid even you won’t know how you died!”

Yang Sheng froze, then promptly retracted his hand.

At this time, the ghost baby was also no longer crawling towards Wan Tong Guang, instead obediently staying in Fu Yu Yan’s embrace, but his eyes were still tightly locked onto Wan Tong Guang.

Wan Tong Guang looked at Luo Qian Qi and I and chuckled darkly, “Weren’t you two unwilling to help us? How come you came back?”

Luo Qian Qi looked at Wan Tong Guang and chuckled darkly in return, “Our feet are on our body, we go wherever we want to go, what business of that is yours?”

“You…” Wan Tong Guang was at a loss of words for some time, but then harrumphed, “Where you guys go is none of my business, but you cannot forget, this is my house!”

Wan Fu Ming hastily pulled at Wan Tong Guang, hinting that he should not speak to Luo Qian Qi this way.

Wan Tong Guang indignantly shook off Wan Fu Ming’s hand, yelling angrily at Luo Qian Qi and I, “I bet you two came back for money! I’m telling you two, don’t think of taking even one cent away from the Wan Family!”

I laughed mischievously, “Really?”

At this, I did not care for Wan Tong Guang and the other’s stares, and directly walked to their enshrined effigy.

Wan Tong Guang and the others looked at me with faces full of bewilderment, while Luo Qian Qi’s face showed an expression of watching a good show.

I laughed a little, then picked up Wu Tong Shen’s stone statue.

Wu Tong Shen said to me, “Great Shopkeeper, please be careful, don’t let us drop!”

I laughed mischievously, “Don’t worry, if I drop it I’ll cover the bill for a gold body for you!”

After picking up Wu Tong Shen’s stone statue, Wan Fu Ming watched me, panicked as he tried to stop me, “Don’t, hurry and put the the effigy down, whatever you want I will give to you, put the effigy down!”

I looked at Wu Tong Shen’s stone statue in my hand and laughed at Wan Fu Ming, “We don’t want anything, we just want this effigy!”

Yang Sheng looked at Wu Tong Shen’s stone statue in my hands and furrowed his eyebrows, “Wu Tong Shen!”

I looked at Yang Sheng and laughed mischievously, “Not bad, this is indeed Wu Tong Shen. Do you know who was the one who just blocked you? Let me tell you, it wasn’t me or Luo Qian Qi; rather, it was Wu Tong Shen!”

Yang Shen froze, he said to Wan Fu Ming, “Why does your family shrine have Wu Tong Shen?”

“This…” Wan Fu Ming squeaked for a while but didn’t state the reason.

I’ve said it before, Wan Tong Shen might be an evil deity, but he could fulfill a person’s any demand.

Plus I could tell that Wan Fu Ming didn’t look like someone who was rich and wealthy. For his house to have so many assets, he must have gotten rich overnight, and the one that helped him get to where he was now, realize his desire, was the Wan Tong Guang in my hand.

Yang Shen looked at the squeaking Wan Fu Ming and also realized the reason.

Wan Tong Guang said, “What effigy is on our family shrine should be nothing to do with you guys!”

Yang Sheng looked at Wan Tong Guang and chuckled darkly, “My apologies, I have no more energy to spend on this matter, I’ll be taking my leave!”

With this Yang Sheng left the Wan House.

“Great Master Yang, don’t leave, Great Master Yang!” Wan Fu Ming called out towards Yang Sheng’s leaving figure, but Yang Sheng didn’t hesitate in the slightest, and directly took leave of the Wan House.

I heard how Wan Fu Ming addressed Yang Sheng, laughing, “Tsk tsk, Great Master Yang, this address is not bad, but when you call out like that you sound like a one of those supposedly supernatural street swindlers!”

Hearing my words, Luo Qian Qi was unable to hold back; with a “pfft” he burst out laughing.

Wan Fu Ming glanced at Luo Qian Qi, then looked at me again and yelled angrily, “What good does driving out Great Master Yang do you?”

I looked at Wan Fu Ming and laughed, “Of course it does us good; we have saved his life, this record of goodwill is not small. This is what is called ‘saving a person is more fruitful than building a seven-story pagoda’!”

Wan Tong Guang harrumphed, “You saved a life, but hurt three people; if viewed overall, your sins outweigh your goodwill!”

I looked at the taciturn Fu Yu Yan quietly standing to the side, chuckling coldly at Wan Tong Guang, “Serves you right. Don’t think I don’t know you; my people have already dug up all your affairs. You, Wan Tong Guang, son of conglomerate board chairman Wan Fu Ming, by relying on your father’s authority and money there is nothing you won’t do, bullying classmates, hoodwinking girls, and you even killed someone!”

Killed someone, I dragged out these two words for an especially long time. When Wan Tong Guang heard his face became ashen, his father Wan Fu Ming the same.

The matter of Wan Tong Guang killing someone was something Wan Fu Ming was aware of; moreover, it was he himself who stepped in to resolve it.

Luo Qian Qi smiled coldly, “What the people do, the heavens see; right now you can pretend that nothing happened, but don’t you know, everything that you’ve done will be recorded on the netherworld judge’s ledger. Once you die, if your good deeds exceed your bad deeds, then you can cross the Bridge of Helplessness, drink Meng Po’s soup, then go reincarnate2, but if…”

Luo Qian Qi had not finished his words when I interrupted, “If your bad deeds exceed your good deeds, then you’ll be kicked into the 18th level of hell; you’ll be deep-fried, get your tongue pulled out, and once you’ve been washed free of the crimes committed during your lifetime, only then can you reincarnate. Of course, at that time the rich and wealthy family life will evade you. Perhaps in your next life you can even beg Wu Tong Shen to protect you again!”

With that, I waved my hand and Wu Tong Shen’s effigy returned to the offering table.

Wan Tong Guang and the others looked at Luo Qian Qi and I in alarm, like they had seen something extremely frightful.

Luo Qian Qi said to Fu Yu Yan, “Fu Yu Yan, Wan Tong Guang and the others will naturally receive their lawful punishment, you don’t need to delay you and your baby’s reincarnation just for revenge!”

Fu Yu Yan looked at the ghost baby in her bosom, and nodded tearfully toward Luo Qian Qi and I, and then disappeared from the Wan House.

Seeing Fu Yu Yan leave, Wan Tong Guang said joyfully, “She left, she finally left!”

Luo Qian Qi chuckled coldly, “She did leave, correct, however…he he!”

Luo Qian Qi did not continue his sentence, he chuckled a bit more and said to me, “Xiao Qi, let’s leave too!”

With this, Luo Qian Qi left the Wan House.

I nodded and headed for the door, then stopped in my steps, turning around to face Wan Tong Guang and the others with a laugh, “If you walk to the left of the park, there is a bridge, underneath the bridge is a buried female corpse, if you guys are interested, you can go have a look!”

With this I laughed and left the Wan House, the only ones left Wan Tong Guang and the others with their ashen expressions.

When Fu Yu Yan first found out she was pregnant, she promptly went to go look for Wan Tong Guang.

When Wan Tong Guang heard the news he was scared out of his pants, but he did not ask to keep the child, instead wanting Fu Yu Yan to abort the child.

Fu Yu Yan pulled at Wan Tong Guang’s sleeve, pleading, “Tong Guang, no matter what, this is our child, how can you be so heartless!”

Wan Tong Guang shook off Fu Yu Yan’s hand, yelling, “How am I supposed to know if this is my child, what if this it’s a bastard! Let me tell you, I, Wan Tong Guang, don’t accept this child; you better just quickly abort him!”

With this Wan Tong Guang left without even the slightest bit of hesitation, only leaving behind Fu Yu Yan with a face covered in tears, completely throwing away her image as she cried, not moving an inch from her original spot.

The second day, when Fu Yu Yan went to school, she heard her classmates say that Wan Tong Guang changed girlfriends again. The moment school let out Fu Yu Yan went to Wan Tong Guang, hoping that he would explain it to her.

Originally Fu Yu Yan had thought Wan Tong Guang would laugh and tell her, what new girlfriend, you are my only girlfriend.

While the thought was romantic, reality was cruel.

Fu Yu Yan went to Wan Tong Guang, when she questioned Wan Tong Guang on the matter of this new girlfriend, Wan Tong Guang said to her impatiently, “What, do I need your permission to change girlfriends, who do you think you are?”

With that Wan Tong Guang turned around, prepared to leave. Fu Yu Yan pulled at him.

Fu Yu Yan said to Wan Tong Guang, in tears, “Wan Tong Guang, how can you treat me like this, I have your child in my stomach!”

Wan Tong Guang harrumphed and said nothing. At this time, Wan Tong Guang’s new girlfriend walked over.

Fu Yu Yan looked at the girl beside Wan Tong Guang, saying, “What relationship do you two have?”

The girl plucked off Fu Yu Yan’s hand that pulled at Wan Tong Guang, then looped her arm around Wan Tong Guang’s.

The girl looked at Fu Yu Yan and laughed coldly, “I’m Tong Guang’s new girlfriend!”

With that, the girl took Wan Tong Guang and left.

Fu Yu Yan heard the girl’s words and almost collapsed. Wan Tong Guang’s new girlfriend wasn’t just anyone, it was her very best friend.

Fu Yu Yan did not know how she returned home, she only knew that the next day when she awoke she left her original city, giving up her studies.

Fu Yu Yan did not go with Wan Tong Guang’s intentions in aborting the baby; she decided to give birth to the baby.

Fu Yu Yan thought, it must be that Wan Tong Guang was momentarily unable to accept the fact that he had a child now; after time passed he would slowly accept it.

When Fu Yu Yan was eight months pregnant, she finally was unable to resist returning to find Wan Tong Guang.

Wan Tong Guang pretended to have accepted the child; in the evening he made an appointment with Fu Yu Yan to meet up at an about-thirty-story-high abandoned building.

Fu Yu Yan suspected something, but she still came as appointed, however she didn’t even think, that very evening would be her and her baby’s death date.

Wan Tong Guang made an appointment with Fu Yu Yan on the building, then when Fu Yu Yan was unprepared, pushed her off of the building.

In that moment, Fu Yu Yan’s eyes were full of despair, disappointment, and wrath.

After Fu Yu Yan died Wan Tong Guang found someone to bury her corpse underneath the park’s bridge.

With Wan Fu Ming’s wealth and power, Wan Fu Ming thought the matter would end there, but never in a million years would he have thought that Fu Yu Yan would return for her revenge.

The next day, the police came to the Wan House. They took away Wan Tong Guang.

Not long after, Wan Fu Ming declared bankruptcy, while he himself passed away from a heart attack. This was Wu Tong Shen’s remuneration for all their demands.

If you don’t have issues don’t worship evil deities; it will only bring you more trouble. Handle all matters with integrity; only then will you be at peace.


1. “the footwork of Yu the Great”: this is translated from yu bu (禹步), which you can read about here
2. If you’ve forgotten what the Bridge of Helplessness is or who Meng Po is, you can check the footnotes of chapter two or the index/glossary.

T/N: I really enjoyed the end of this chapter. It’s so satisfying.

New arc next chapter! I will try to finish it as fast as I can, so please wait patiently~

Honestly, kudos to the people who are willing to tolerate these slow updates. You have the patience of a saint. For those who aren’t willing, I would honestly do the same.

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